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Start your tattoo removal at our next clinic held on the second Saturday of each month.

To Hawaiian Gardens!


To get to Hawaiian Gardens use the 605, exit Lincoln/Carson head east to Norwalk. Make a right on Norwalk and a left on 221st Street. Go to the end where the Helen Rosas Center is.

Tattoo Removal Program

We provide low-cost tattoo removal to those who are financially oppressed, and we would welcome those of you who are more financially privileged to get your tattoo’s removed here as well. We will give you a great price and your dollars go towards Community Violence Recovery Programs.

Schedule (Book Online)

You must call 562-945-9111 to make an appointment. Reminder calls and e mail blast for clinic happen the week of clinic.

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Hawaiian Gardens

Other Services (Full Calendar)

These services are held at SCCC, please see map below.

Clean Slate LA offers a number of other services that can help you get a fresh start in life. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the following:

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Winners of our Raffle for 50% and 100% off next laser tattoo removal treatment! Congratulations! ...

4 weeks ago

First treatment very cool young man. ...

1 month ago

Mariano QuirozWhat's the number to get in contact with your company and are you only located in LA1 month ago

Margie SanchezThank you for you service that's my son ..great job can't wait to see end results God bless you1 month ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995We are only in Los Angeles. To connect you can call 56294591111 month ago

Not all tattoos fade as quickly. Ink's are all different, your skin and how it reacts to the laser is different. We can't compare one tattoo to another. Tattoos are never a consistent depth or consistent in amount of ink per application. This is after 3 treatments. Not all results will be the same but we try to do the best for you every time. ...

1 month ago

Dee CruzShit that's good for 3 treatments most mine took 121 month ago

Danny E PerezWow that looks really good for 3 treatments , do you guys charge?1 month ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Yes we work on a sliding scale based on size, intricacy, location of the tattoos, color and your financial situation.1 month ago

Danny E PerezGot it , hmm..well..About how much would u charge for something that size1 month ago

Eduardo SaavedraBandiit Gee4 weeks ago

Monique VelozMunice Garza Munice Garza4 weeks ago

Frankie MartinezJennifer Aguirre4 weeks ago

Evelyn ArguetaWhat's ur location4 weeks ago

Wendy MorenoI believe it will come off๐Ÿ˜‚4 weeks ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Stay tuned for the next pic of this tattoo in about a month.4 weeks ago

We welcome Joseph to our tattoo removal program in Hawaiian Gardens. CleanSlate. ...

1 month ago

Carlitos HernandezBout to get mine removed too man I hope โ˜บ1 month ago

Adrian MunozWhy the hell would you get a tattoo then remove it1 month ago

Jesse EDsix Espinoza^mom and dad? Scholarship? Bomb pussy?1 month ago

Savage Kayven^ all dumb excuses lmfaoooooo1 month ago

Adrian MunozJajajaja i work for the County and i have seen so many higher ups with ink.... Before that I worked at a radio station and met with big $$$$ clients... executives from big companies and they have ink.... A scholarship and bomb pussy does not make a good excuse1 month ago

Octagon PerezJose A Sandoval hg in Chinese?1 month ago

Jose A SandovalOctagon Perez fuuuukkk no! Lmao1 month ago

Octagon PerezLet me find out1 month ago

Jose A SandovalLmao masss putos!! Octagon Perez1 month ago

Octagon PerezGente de la banana1 month ago

Jose A SandovalI sii hahaha Octagon Perez1 month ago

Octagon PerezA Marie Rosales what's up with your squad1 month ago

A Marie RosalesAgaro El nombre "del cholo" en japones lmfao1 month ago

Elias EstradaI thought this was bryan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Rooney Estrada Bryan Reynoso Jennifer Estrada4 weeks ago

It's very close to 2016 and a last.minute donation to CleanSlate and STREET Dreams could support so many who want a new start with CleanSlate laser tattoo removal or prevent youth from getting caught in the justice system cycle with Street Dreams Youth Empowerment and the Arts as alternatives. We are a 501 (c) 3 and you can donate through our Web site at with Paypal. Happy New Year. ...

1 month ago

Jesus OmmioEse Fleks1 month ago

Alma CastanedaCuanto cuesta remover 2 tatoos1 month ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Depends on several factors. Size of tattoos and color of your tattoos. Location of your tattoos if they are exposed or gang related, intricacy matters ad well as your financial situation. Call 5629459111 for appointment there is a $10.00 intake fee for assessment.1 month ago

Paula PhillipsDo you use the pico laser?1 month ago

Marileen CarrilloDahm he changed alot1 month ago

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