Laser Tattoo After-Care Instructions

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After treatment, the discomfort has been linked to that of a mild sunburn and subsides usually within 12-24 hours.

It is not unusual for there to be scabbing or blistering of the treated area for the first few days, after laser exposure, particularly if a higher light is used. Do not try to remove scabs or blisters that develop. The absence of scabbing does not itself mean laser treatment has been successful or unsuccessful.

Wash the treated area gently with warm water and mild soap two times a day. After cleansing, apply topical antibiotic such as Bacitiacin. Bandages are usually only needed for the first two or three days after laser treatment.

You must avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area for three (3) months after your laser treatment. Cover the treated area appropriately with clothing or bandages. Sunscreens do not provide total protection from the sun. Not even those sunscreens with a very high SPF factor. The only type of cream that may provide protection is an occlusive cream such as zinc oxide which prevents light penetration. Unprotected sun exposure to the treated area can produce changes in the normal skin pigmentation (color) that can take months to revert back to normal or, in some cases, may be permanent.

Scarring may occur after laser treatments but is unusual, less than 5%.

Fading of the tattoo will be noted over the subsequent weeks. Treatments will be scheduled at intervals 2-3 months apart. Be patient! Multiple treatments are required to achieve maximum fading of tattoos.

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