Tattoo Removal May Improve Your Health

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Tattoo Removal May Improve Your Health

Last month Apple confirmed that dark tattoo’s around the wrist area could block light and cause the Apple Watch to malfunction. This is due to the ink blocking light and not allowing the sensors to read a user’s heart rate. While this story has nothing to do with your health per se, other news articles have emerged linking tattoos to health risks.

The FDA began a study on the safety of tattooing as far back as 2009 to determine what the risks are along with gaining a better understanding of how tattoos affect the body. Even though it has been six years since the study began, doctors are still unsure about the long terms consequences. Last year the FDA released a consumer update regarding White and Blue Lion, Inc.’s tattoo ink that should traces of bacteria in brand new bottles. The update included some tips on what to watch out for along with guidelines on what to do if you have negative reactions.

According to the FDA, people with heart or circulatory disease, diabetes, or compromised immune systems are at highest risk for infection regardless of the brand of ink being used for the tattoo. However, even people with healthy immune systems may be affected by the tattooing process. The most problematic inks seem to be red, yellow, and possibly black based on different reports and studies.

It’s important to note that not all people suffer from tattoo related health issues but if you have bumps, rashes, or itching on or around the tattooed area it may be your body fighting off an infection and this can happen even years after the ink has settled into the skin.

The two main reasons that seem to cause your bodies immune system to kick in are

  1. The body goes into to shock as it can be pierced from 50 to 3,000 times per minute.
  2. The chemical makeup of the ink
    1. Black ink is normally made of burnt animal bones or beetle shellac.
    2. Red ink can contain metals such as iron, cadmium, or mercury.
    3. Yellow ink can break down with sunlight and it is unknown if the remaining traces are toxic

While we remain neutral on the issue of tattoos place in society, our tattoo removal service is available to anybody that is wanting to get rid of one whether it is to erase the past, for health reasons, or just to get your new Apple Watch to work. Check out our tattoo removal page to make an appointment.

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