2018 Weekday Evening Tattoo Removal

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2018 Weekday Evening Tattoo Removal


Our tattoo removal clinics are normally held on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month. While this offers a lot of flexibility for most people, there are some that don’t want to undergo painful treatment on their day off or would rather spend the weekend with their growing families.

In order to accommodate our existing and new clients we have launched a weekday evening tattoo removal clinic on Tuesday and set the schedule for 2018. We hope this clinic allows you to spend more time with your families and still get your tattoos removed.

The Tuesday clinic will run from 4 P.M. until 9 P.M. on the second to last Tuesday of each month. The exception to the rule is April and September where it will be held on the last Tuesday of the month.

As with our weekend clinics, a $10 appointment fee is required. This goes towards your treatment if you make the appointment and is non-refundable if you cancel. The $10 fee helps encourage our clients to keep their appointments and makes sure everyone has an opportunity at tattoo removal.

Month Tuesday
January 23rd
February 20th
March 20th
April 24th
May 22nd
June 19th
July 24th
August 21st
September 25th
October 23rd
November 20th
December 18th

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