2018 Tattoo Removal Clinic Dates

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2018 Tattoo Removal Clinic Dates


Hello Clean Slate Family,

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas; and that everyone is looking forward to a New Year that will bring lot’s of success and new opportunities.

Our 2018 Tattoo Removal Clinic Schedule is posted below and can always be found on our homepage.

Month Saturday Sunday Tuesday
January 13th 14th 23rd
February 10th 11th 20th
March 10th 11th 20th
April 14th 15th 24th
May 12th 13th 22nd
June 9th 10th 19th
July 14th 15th 24th
August 11th 12th 21st
September 8th 9th 25th
October 13th 14th 23rd
November 10th 11th 20th
December 8th 9th 18th

Tattoo removal can be a life changing process. It can allow you to erase old memories, scars from old lovers, and stigma from gangs or crews you may no longer identify with. For some it’s a way to delete an old image they no longer like so they can get a new one that they do like. Whatever your reasons, our doors are open for you.

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