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Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed. ― Herman Melville

After 5 treatments she is happy with the progress. ...

4 weeks ago

Paul GarzaGet it started there only one way to do it you feel me3 weeks ago

Sometimes I am amazed at the work we do. What a difference. ...

1 month ago

Denise GallegosDoes it go back to normal like nothing was ever there?1 month ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995She had just been treated by the laser by the way! Laser left the redness.1 month ago

Almita CastañedaComo ago una cita???1 month ago

Jessy RomeroWhats the address1 month ago

Martha BustanalgasHow many sessions did it take?1 month ago

Nasim GonzalezJesse Gonzalez1 month ago

Angela D HernandezArgelia Hernandez1 month ago

Alejandra Amorepricesss!1 month ago

Gabriela Trusty ShahI would like to make an appointment. I've been leaving messages for a little over a week3 weeks ago

What can I say! ...

2 months ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Uh not his girlfriend but everyone is his girlfriend!1 month ago

Jimbo LocAny discounts on name removals1 month ago

Yuridia EstrdaCatalanRebeca Zunun1 month ago

We do excellent work. DR. TATTOFF clients call us we will provide service and a better fee. Since 1995 our doors have been open. ...

2 months ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Noah came to us looking for a new life. His mom is so happy. His attitude is different as people no longer see him as a threat. He's a brown male so still under suspicion from the system but much less without the gang tattoos. He is a CleanSlateLA.Org success!1 month ago

Here is the winner of our Valentine's contest for a discount on her treatment! ...

2 months ago

Elisa PinedaWhere my crush at lol2 months ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995Hmmm been a while but his mom comes in. I mean he isn't a child she was gangsta.2 months ago

Vanessa GonzalezYaaay congrats!2 months ago

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