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Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed. ― Herman Melville

This wire! This wire shut down my Cleanslatela clinic today. Technology is amazing and frustrating. This wire is the communication carrier to the pedal that fires the laser. One wire stressed me out. My clients had to reschedule. That made me sad for them and my staff at CleanSlate, Ana Huerta, Stephanie Glass, Mike Manzo, Roxanne Garcia, Tina Espinoza, Lorissa Dorame, Juan Juan Carlos Jaimes and Marilyn Bise all hung in until we got the news. Not repairable on the spot. Laser traveling to San Francisco. We will regroup once it is back. Technology a beautiful thing until it let's you down. ...

2 weeks ago

Mike ManzoI am glad to be part of the Clean Slate team. We are continuously changing lives of the men and women that attend clinic. And who would of known that i too initially sought after that change when i was a client and now tend to individuals as a Clean Slate staff member.2 weeks ago

Gabriela Trusty ShahHope to be able to see u guys next month. Was a lil saddened to get the call RIGHT when I was 2 blocks away. Coming from Palm springs. But, I was able to spend time with my in laws and wut.2 weeks ago

Roger CortezI've been messaging you guys2 weeks ago

Clean Slate L.A. since 1995We might have a Tuesday evening once laser gets back. Regular sessions resume July 8th and 9th.2 weeks ago

Cesar MontoyaYeah yeah Tuesday will be so Awsome Marriane because weekends,are family days, 😀😀2 weeks ago

Front desk. Mothers Day. Busy, busy, busy! ...

1 month ago

Roberta BeltranIs it to late to go? I forgot about my appt.1 month ago

Clinic Day CleanSlate Inc. Mothers Day! ...

1 month ago

Gabriela Trusty ShahTy so much I was there yesterday coming from PALM SPRINGS. ❤❤❤SEE U GUYS NEXT MONTH1 month ago

After 5 treatments she is happy with the progress. ...

3 months ago

Paul GarzaGet it started there only one way to do it you feel me3 months ago

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